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Garage Door Service in Santee, CA

Unlike other garage door repair companies, Garage Door Repair of Santee, CA wants to help regardless of what your garage door service you are in need of. That is why we not only offer garage door repairs but new door installations and routine maintenance as well. Our team also works 24-hours a day to provide our services no matter when you need us!

Increasing the Life of Your Door

A new garage door can be costly, so why not work to maintain the one you currently have? With Garage Door Repair of Santee’s maintenance program, keeping your garage door in top shape is a breeze. Not only can we keep your door working well, but we can also help prolong the life of your door. 

When our technicians come to your home for routine maintenance, they will first inspect your garage door. They may address minor issues they see, tighten loose nuts and bolts, and lubricate moving parts. They will also make sure that you are happy with the performance of your garage door and have no questions or concerns.

Annually Scheduling Servicing

Servicing your door is not just a one and done commitment. Routine servicing or maintenance should be done at least once a year. 

Some homeowners prefer to schedule their maintenance with the change of season. Some choose the fall before the cooler temps of winter, while others choose spring before the heat of summer. Regardless, choose a time that works for you and one that will remind you to make your appointment annually.

Performing Your Tasks

In addition to the work our technicians do, did you know that there are small tasks that you as the homeowner should do as well? Though we never recommend trying to repair your garage door on your own, there are a few items you can tackle to help the longevity of your door. These items include:

  • Cleaning the safety eye sensors and keeping them free of debris
  • Changing out batteries regularly
  • Keeping an eye on the tracks and their alignment
  • Listening for changes in the sound your garage door makes when operating

Boost the Look and Value of Your Home

Are you wanting to change the look of your home without having to move into another one? You may be in the market for a new garage door. Not only can this change the look of your home, but it can also actually increase its value with up to an 80% return on investment.

If you do find that you are wanting a new garage door, work with our team to find the perfect one. We can help you find the style of door you want with all the features you desire. Once your door has been chosen, our techs will install it and ensure all components are working correctly.

Experience the Difference We Can Make!

If you have started to notice a decline in your garage door, don’t wait for it to fully stop working. Call our knowledgeable and skilled team at Garage Door Repair of Santee. We can have a technician at your home to service your garage door in no time!

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Santee , CA 92071

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Payment Methods:

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